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Thread: Revive Box - BOX dò lock code cho Iphone- giá 1T500k

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    Revive Box - BOX dò lock code cho Iphone- giá 1T500k

    Revive Box For all iphone unlock the instrument

    Revive Box For All iPhone Description:
    iPhone read password code, password code removal, fix iPhone disable problem, removed without flashing, and standalone repair/offline repair.

    Revive Box unlock the instrument
    operating instructions NEWS

    ● free to enter the password entry mode unlimited, free hit 112, you can unlock the lock screen directly, without any loss of information;
    ● Supports direct unlock the phone off mode;
    ● Auto Full Support IOS7.11,7.12,8.XX version of the phone; free labor program screen, automatic mode;
    ● After successfully unlocked phone directly unlock the buzzer reminder;
    ● OLED display, all operations process at a glance;
    ● With charging function, you can access mobile power, computers, chargers, while unlocking while charging;
    ● free computer mode, the six operating modes to meet different customer needs;
    ● You can unlock the computer, five times faster.

    Instrument host presentation

    1, Box status display area, display various parameters during the scan operation status;
    2, M1 key to confirm the status of key free computer time;
    3, buzzer, instrument scan to the password after alarm;
    4, M2 key to select the key-free state of the computer

    Light perception to identify areas on the top of the phone screen

    USB3.0 interface, which is the communication interface of the phone is connected Box

    Micro interface, which is a port and computer communications in unlocking process is also used to charge the phone this port
    Connect your phone, the meter automatically light up, the instrument displays the connection ......

    This display is connected properly

    Then press the M1 key, the screen brightness sensor, the instrument automatically take the middle value

    Next, press the start button to unlock the M2
    M: 1 indicates the current scanning mode is M1 mode range 0000-9999
    0000 represents the current value of the initial input
    B: 58 represents the current value of 58 photographic

    Unlock complete, the phone automatically opens the screen

    ! 0016,0017,0018! The instrument displays three groups unlock code indicating the scan to the password for one of them, which is to observe the mobile phone screen, if not solved can click to continue scanning, if correct click quit, usually the last group is the machine's screen unlock code


    1. make sure the phone is unlocked before the slide to unlock or deactivated during the scan
    2. Try to place the phone screen brightness instrument significant regional variations
    3. Each group and each scan time to fine-tune the response speed depending on the phone, to ensure the highest success rate unlock

    Computer terminal Software

    1、the input password is set for each group interval, 0001-0002 according to the response speed of adjusting the different machines, the recommended speed is 4000-6000;
    2、the light-sensitive changes in the value set, when the light is greater than 30% of the current value of the sense of time. Stop scanning and alarm equipment, recommended speed 30-50;
    3、enter the password each time interval setting, 1-2-3-4, recommended speed 30-50;
    4、IOS8 mode tick IOS8 scan mode is enabled, the instrument automatically stops after four groups enter a password to scan, continue to wait for the phone to reboot enter four groups, and so on;
    5、continuous computer scan mode, select the corresponding What mode, click on the scan, start scanning computer terminals;
    6、so the argument after the software changes must click Save Settings, parameters are automatically downloaded to the BOX inside.

    1、 A simulated keypad, the phone connection software after clicking the corresponding button, the phone will be synchronized display;
    2, functional testing area, the phone connection software click the corresponding function key, the phone will be synchronized response;
    3, when the BOX new feature upgrades or improvements, BOX connect your PC, click software upgrades;
    4, the brightness value of the test, you can test different values of the state when the light-sensitive mobile phone, such as the slide to unlock the password to disable the status light perception value;
    5. Upgrade percentage BOX display.

    77 Rạch Bùng Binh F9 Q3 TP.HCM
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    0103841439 Đông Á (chi nhánh TP.HCM)
    1700206158371 AgriBank (chi nhánh Phạm Ngọc Thạch, Q3, TP.HCM)
    060028563739 Sacombank (chi nhanh Điện Biên Phủ, TP.HCM)
    156409189 ACB (chi nhánh kỳ đồng)
    Chủ TK là Vũ thị Ngọc Oanh

    Yahoo: ngoanhtam ; sale yahoo: sale_gsmsaigon

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    8.xx test ok không anh

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    ios8 do ok không anh Tâm!

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    box này dùng dc thôi 8xxx không dò được !!!!
    Chuyên Cài Đặt ,Unlock Macbook ,Iphone,HTC,Blackberry
    Ngân Hàng Đông Á .0104603860

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    Box mới mua bên anh tâm, cần bán lại cho bác nào có nhu cầu bác nào cần pm y!h: tuananh.mobile89 ạ
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